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Kinetic wall art

What does a calm environment really do for us?

By David Tran on Oct 17, 2022

This lovely morning was just perfect for a nice, long walk. It was just cool enough to keep my body from overheating but warm enough so I didn't have to bundle up too much outside. As I walked along the path near my apartment complex and breathed in the fresh air that smelled sweetly of spring flowers, thoughts about how lucky I am left me flooded with gratitude for everything good that has happened in my life so far. And then something amazing happened: two birds hopped along next to me for a while- chirping cheerfully- finally flying off when they felt like they wanted some privacy or wanted an even greater challenge than chasing an unsuspecting squirrel! And then it hit me...I suddenly knew exactly what I needed to do today, right at this moment; go back home and work on finishing my essay before class starts tomorrow!

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And when it comes to creating a space that promotes peace and relaxation, there are a few things you can do to set the tone. First, take a look at your color palette. Instead of opting for bright, energetic hues, stick to more calming shades like blue and green. Then, take a cue from feng shui and arrange your furniture in a way that promotes good energy flow throughout the room. Finally, bring in aroma by adding touches like candles or oil diffusers with soothing essential oils such as lavender - which has proven benefits when it comes to relieving stress-related symptoms.

Unique30 has developed several unique décor items to add another layer of calmness to your space; examples include Kinetic wall art pieces with designs based on rippling waves - this helps promote focus while also providing an aesthetically pleasing environment geared towards promoting well-being rather than chaos.

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