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Orgonite Pyramid

The Orgonite Pyramid's Energy Source

By David Tran on Nov 08, 2022

Not everyone knows about the Orgonite Pyramid because the product is not as popular in the market as other stone Feng Shui products, but the Orgonite Pyramid has a good effect on wisdom and prevention. the power source is not good. To better understand this product we need to go into more detail.

Orgonite Pyramid

Based on the research of scientists, the Orgonite Pyramid has a strong energy source, the reason is that the product is a combination of many factors, playing an extremely important role. At the same time, their energy source is natural, not lost, nor needs to be disinfected or charged for them.
Based on the structure of the Orgonite Pyramid, the product originates from the Austrian background, along with the combination of cosmic point energy, so these pyramid blocks can interact with each other. together to create a positive source.

The internal composition of the Orgonite Pyramid:

Orgonite Pyramid is made up of stones such as Quartz – precious stones – other semi-precious stones. Each such stone will bring a good source of energy for people. If what is the composition inside the stone, then we will get the corresponding effect.

In addition, Orgonite Pyramid products are also made up of metal pieces and twisted copper. Bringing people good energy, motivating and directing them, and helping them to run smoothly.

The components of the Orgonite Pyramid will be bonded together through scissors or resins found in nature. They will help the components to be combined together to form a block, providing solid stability.

The size of the Orgonite Pyramid has a gold standard ratio so that the energy source inside the product will be the most optimal and absolute.

Uses of Orgonite Pyramid:

Orgonite pyramid has a good effect on the brain, good support for the spirit, helps blood circulation, and all energy sources are always transferred well.
In addition, Orgonite Pyramid products also help to improve communication relationships, which is the best way to make work easier.

Orgonite Pyramid

With the inner energy of the Orgonite Pyramid, it will improve sleep problems, sleep easily, sleep well, no nightmares.

An extremely good use that the Orgonite Pyramid brings, is to prevent bad magnetic fields in the environment, this bad magnetic field often originates from commonly used electrical appliances in the home.

Is because of the special uses that the Orgonite Pyramid brings to humans form the reason why many customers today seek and seek.

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