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Orgonite Pyramid for sale

Orgonite Energy Stone

By David Tran on Nov 07, 2022

Perhaps Orgonite energy stone is not known by many customers, but in the past few years, this product has appeared a lot on the market. The difference of Orgonite energy stones with other types of Feng Shui products is that they are created by humans from natural materials.

Orgonite Energy Stones are considered:

Orgonite energy stones were researched by a doctor of science, sometime in the 30s and 40s. At first, he called them life energy or Chi energy, he later called them orgone.

Orgonite Pyramid

While conducting all kinds of experiments, he found that: organic matter will attract and hold the orgone energy source, and metals will not only attract but also repel energy. Therefore, when Orgonite energy stones are created, they will follow these two laws. From there, the materials used must have two basic types to create the above two-dimensional energy.

Crushed Quartz Stone is used as the first main material, based on the characteristics of Crushed Quartz Stone, they will create an electrical charge.

The second material used is metal, which has the effect of absorbing bad energy and bringing it back to the environment.

Orgonite energy stone works almost like an air purifier, removing electromagnetic radiation, detoxifying water, supporting better life, and enhancing psychic abilities.

Uses of Orgonite energy stone:

As mentioned above, in Orgonite energy stone there is a combination of attracting and repulsing energy, so the first use that the product brings to people is to reduce pollution from the magnetic environment. health factors. Orgonite energy stone itself can transform bad energy into better energy for people.

Orgonite Pyramid

Purify detoxification, help plants grow well, and keep the purest flavor. For humans, it brings a feeling of comfort, joy, happiness, relaxation, and tranquility.

An extremely unique use of Orgonite energy stone is to support people in the process of recovering health, stimulating acupuncture points on the body, used for daily training.

The human brain is considered an important part, if it does not work well, the person will be changed. The brain not only processes the physical signals of the body but also emotional and spiritual data. In the brain there will be many types of waves that help to solve all different states, these waves are measured by frequency.

Orgonite energy stones are made up of Crushed Quartz and metal, so they also have a vibration frequency corresponding to the human brain, so that they can best support the user in the process. the protection of health, against bad energy from the environment.


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