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Orgone pyramid and meditation

Orgone pyramid and meditation!

By David Tran on Nov 10, 2022

Meditation is about bringing the mind inward, meditation is a time for ideas and thoughts to be enhanced, to harmonize the inner self with the outer world. So practicing meditation is to help us develop ourselves for the better. This tutorial teaches you how to meditate with your Orgone.

As many people still suspect, there is no need for anyone to charge or activate the Orgone product they have purchased. All orgonite or orgone products, be it pyramids, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, or dodecahedrons, can help improve our lives.

Orgonite crystals are conscious and they positively influence our thoughts and intentions. Very quickly harmony responds to our energy. The relationship is two-way in this case, meaning that the stronger our energy, the stronger the energy produced by the orgone product and vice versa.

Orgone pyramid and meditation

Let's experience a small meditation practice that helps balance our energies, taking them a step further:

To meditate effectively, we choose a place where we can sit still for 5-10 minutes.

  • Sit down with an orgone block in hand
  • Calm, eyes slightly closed, body relaxed, mind still, slowly take slow deep breaths, the more slowly, the more relaxed emotions.
  • Start with slow, deep, soft breaths until you reach a state of calm. Direct your mind to the energy orgone/pyramid, breathe with them, and join their energy in your breath. No need to try, just think, they will be as I command them.
  • Continue to inhale deeply, gently, and evenly.
  • While inhaling, we are mindful as if we are drawing orgone energy through the palms of our hands sending them along our arms into the body.
  • Exhale, and as you exhale, think of pushing your energy into the orgonite product. Just feel the energy flowing through your body, starting in the solar plexus area and being transmitted through the palm of your hand into that orgone/pyramid of energy.
  • Go on like this for at least 3.5 minutes and if you have time, let them be as long as your mind-body chooses, not intentionally for as long as not to distract the time. At the end of the day, if you are tired, you can lie down instead of sitting, and if you do fall asleep, go to sleep, and allow your body to sleep when it wants!

Orgone pyramid and meditation

Meditating in this way will keep you energized and positive. You will be able to think clearly and perform all your tasks with ease. Of course, you may lose your connection with them when your mind wanders, but as soon as you realize that, bring your mind back to the meditation of connecting with your partner.

I hope you have a good experience with this practice. Thank you for your interest in the articles on Unique30!

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