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Orgonite Pyramid Pink Quartz Stone

How to make Orgonite Pyramid from Crushed Quartz

By David Tran on Nov 08, 2022

As you also know Orgonite Pyramid brings a lot of benefits to humans. Products not only have an eye-catching appearance, but as the name suggests, they have a pyramid-like shape, thus containing a large source of energy suitable for humans.

Orgonite Pyramid products are not formed in nature, but created by humans, through natural materials, the important ingredient to mention is Crushed Quartz Stone.

Orgonite Pyramid product

If you look at the Orgonite Pyramid product, you may find it magical, but the way to make it is not too difficult, and it supports our spirit well.
Accordingly, to make an Orgonite Pyramid product, we need to go through two main steps, which include a physical step, and the second is a mental-emotional step. The combination of these two steps can create a perfect product, and works well, bringing high efficiency.

Prepare materials for the Orgonite Pyramid:

The first ingredient to prepare is the crushed quartz crystal, with this material you have many ways to choose depending on each person. In it, you choose the type of Rough Quartz Stone or the type that is sharpened with the edges. If there is a lack of Crushed Quartz Stone, the product will not be able to work. In addition to this material, you can also choose other stones such as kyanite - selenite - garnet - ...

The second ingredient needed is metal scraps, with this type you can easily get, which is the leftover product from the bottle shop. The metal here is aluminum – brass or steel is fine, but pure copper is preferred. To create the perfect Orgonite Pyramid, pure copper is the first choice.

The next material that needs to be prepared is resin, which you can buy easily at stores selling chemical products, for the amount of a few hundred thousand dong. If you need to pay attention to the required plastic ingredient methyl ethyl peroxide, the catalyst element that supports the crafting of the Orgonite Pyramid.

Finally, you need to prepare a mold, it is recommended to use Teflon or silicone.

How to perform:

You need to wear gloves before crafting the Orgonite Pyramid and wear a mask to prevent poison.

Orgonite Pyramid product

Use crushed Quartz Crystals to place in a pre-prepared mold, one tray can hold many crystals.

Add metal scraps to the mold.

Mix Resin and Mekp together, can add metal ingots. Stir the mixture to form a flexible plastic. Then pour it into the mold. Note that you need to shake well so that this plastic mixture fills all the gaps in the mold.

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